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Robert Cameron Business Consulting

I am a business coach and advisor based in Hobart, Tasmania. I work with business owners of small to medium size businesses to help them achieve business results that matter to them. I work for the advisory firm Collins SBA which gives our business clients access to a wide range of skills and resources.

You’re welcome to download my white paper “The perfect business” which gives an overview of the framework I use when coaching and consulting to business owners.

My philosophy on strategic planning:

  • Good Strategic Planning = being clear on why we are doing this (the owner’s fundamental objective)
  • Good Strategic Planning = competing to be unique, not to be the best (a fresh look at the industry structure can help)
  • Good Strategic Planning = choice… a clear choice of WHO you are going to serve and HOW you are going to serve them. You cannot be everything to everybody.
  • Good Strategic Planning = compete for profit, not revenue or other.
  • Good Strategic Planning = saying NO… to customers that you are not going to serve, activities that you are not going to perform and services/products that you will not be offering.
  • Good Strategic Planning = starting from where we are, but not using it as a limiting constraint.
  • Good Strategic Planning = finding the 3 – 5 priorities that will actually move the needle.
  • Good Strategic Planning = is a dynamic process – take action, test, fail safely, measure, and rework the plan.

My philosophy on implementing strategy:

  • We focus activity on the 3 to 5 priorities that will make a meaningful impact
  • We stage activity to fit cashflow and other constraints
  • We clarify accountabilities & ensure leadership
  • We help get the right people on the bus
  • We hold regular accountability meetings
  • We monitor progress using dashboards and milestones
  • We work together to deliver the most impactful strategic change projects
    • Marketing & sales
    • Process & systems
    • Financial
    • People & structure
    • Products
    • Incentives
    • Culture & environment
  • We make use of the right resources & networks of expertise as we need to get the job done.
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